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Sixth IAA Symposium on Search for Life Signatures

The meeting was attended by around 22 participants, affiliated with various countries around the world including: USA, Australia, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Canada, UK and Japan.

The meeting kicked-off with a topic related to SETI – the legal protection of the farside of the Moon from man-made interference e.g. RFI – Radio Frequency Interference. This is important for many different scientific pursuits but especially astronomy and SETI research. As the Moon becomes again a target for various international space programmes, this issue is becoming more important. Maccone presented a paper that proposes to protect an area of the lunar farside that also provides protection from the Lagrangian points – L4 and L5. This will also be important for future low-frequency radio space missions that aim to detect the signature of the Epoch of Reionisation. Maccone has made a presentation to COPUOS in Vienna in 2010 proposing a new radio-quiet zone for the farside of the Moon. However, the political and frequency management issues associated with protection of the lunar farside are complex – for example, the 1979 Moon treaty still remains to be ratified by the major space powers. Nevertheless, the ITU has defined regulations for lunar farside protection. And meanwhile missions such as the joint ESA-Chinese mission DSL (Discovering the Space at the Longest wavelengths) are in preparation. Maccone briefly presented a paper by Sterns & Tennen detailing the complex legal aspects of this activity. A followup meeting in Vienna may take place in June 2015...

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